What is a land trust?


A land trust is a local, regional, or national nonprofit organization that protects land for its natural, recreational, scenic, historic or productive value.  There are many land trusts in the United States.  Today there are 1,700 land trusts that have more than 100,000 volunteers and 2 million members.  So far, land trusts have conserved 37 million acres of land in America.


Land trusts have varying conservation objectives. Some land trusts work in specific geographic areas or concentrate on protecting different natural or cultural features. Most are community-based and deeply connected to local needs whether it is conservation of forests and critical natural habitat, recreational land or agricultural lands and cultural sites.  


Woods and Waters Land Trust’s conservation mission is to protect and connect forests and waterways in the lower Kentucky River watershed.


Land trusts do not generate profits by holding easements; instead they acquire the financial obligation to protect easements.  Money for WWLT is raised by donations, grants, and other community contributions.