Kay Harker

Kay, like many on the Board, learned about conservation from someone early in life – her grandfather. On their family farm in Tennessee, he was keenly aware that when bottomlands along the river were used for row crops, erosion gullies formed. Having a farmer’s respect and awareness of the land, he repaired the gullies and no longer tilled the bottomland. He continually reminded Kay and her family that “they’re not making more land so you should take care of it”. 

Kay received a degree in Biology, learning more about and developing her healthy respect for the natural relationships among animals, plants, and their habitat. She has come to believe that the best chance of keeping our planet healthy is to preserve these complex natural systems. She started her career teaching and then worked in Kentucky state government in environmental protection. Her work focused on water quality issues. When she left, she decided to continue to help preserve Kentucky’s ecosystems by working with nonprofit organizations that further the goal of land and water protection. She has served for many years on the Executive Council of the Kentucky Land Trusts Coalition.

Kay Harker has been a Board member since 2007.